Brand Story

Fashion Twins of the Orient

More young Chinese entrepreneurs are following their dreams and building their own careers on what they are passionate about. Ada and Anna, the twin owners of the fast rising fashion brand Duier,are a shining success and have become a role model for youngsters and a case study in business school. Besides having striking resemblance in their looks, the twins also share the same aspiration in fashion and branding. After college, they both started in education and at the same time took part in various singing contests, where they started to demonstrate their unique taste and sharp sense in fashion. They officially launched the first Duier boutique in 2009 in Chengdu with minimal resources. Today, they lead a fashion empire with shops in different cities in China and a rapidly increasing team of stylist that is shaping the fashion scene in China.

The Unconventional Trendsetter

Through the 7 shops in China and the upcoming showroom in Hong Kong and Seoul, Duier offers not just the hottest fashion items, but also venues where clients can feel the latest fashion trend and reinvent their style. Camera equipment is available so clients can try and record different styles and images. The onsite Duier stylist will provide suggestions and matching ideas for clients to create their own fashion style. The shops are also cozy places for close friends to hang out and experience a real fashion scene. There is always a trusting relationship with clients and the Duier stylists. Duier has served numerous clients, including many celebrities and movie stars in China and Hong Kong. To share more of their vision and philosophy in fashion, Duier is launching a online platform mobile app in the 4th quarter of 2015. This app will allow people all over the world to join as Duieristas and to follow, share and participate in the latest fashion trend, and to inspire and be inspired!

From Chengdu to the World

With a firm foundation in Chengdu, Duier has also developed a strong presence in Korea. Every time Ada and Anna appear during Seoul fashion week and events, they take the media by storm and impress everyone with their personal styles. A number of Korean brands have already expressed their interest to have the twins as their agents and spokespersons. Ada and Anna are also very active in the social media world, making them the role model for the new generation who aspire to pursue their fashion career and dream. To further realize the twins’ vision in fashion and branding, they are starting to set its foot in Europe and get invited to participate in the Milan Fashion Show. After years of hard work and with the help of their team of stylists, the twins’ fashion dream is coming true. Now, jet set from Chengdu to Seoul, Milan, Paris and other major cities, Ada and Anna are living a high life in the fashion world, but they also shoulder the important mission to bridge the fashion industry in China to the world. The fascinating story of Duier continues to generate attention, applause and glamour!